I hate this truck

–Griffin, CAR BOYS, Episode 2

The White Van is a car used in CAR BOYS for nefarious soft-body car destruction. It is often confused for other White Vans. She is known to be a sturdy vehicle capable of withstanding much damage.

She is an integral subject in teaching Griffin the wonders of


There are two cars known colloquially as 'White Van'. Both are neutral, non-dangerous entities of CAR BOYS and are not to be feared. Both cars are introduced in Episode 2 and both undergo being shot by the Small Cannon, though White Van is chosen over The Other White Van for its superior destruction physics and is in turn used much more often in CAR BOYS.

The Other White Van[]

The Other White Van

The Other White Van is known to have a God-Trash adjacent reaction to being shot by a Small Cannon, parts of it ceasing to exist when bent too far. The boys consider this to be an unattractive quality and choose White Van over The Other White Van due to this.


White Van gave birth to Racing Vehicle, who is a speedy medium-grey sports car. Racing Vehicle existed for 24 seconds before being transmogrified into Cinderblocks.


  • White Van is both considered a girl and a reckless frat boy
  • White Van is the only known entity to have "given birth"
  • The White Van is a Gavril H-Series H15 Vanster while The Other White Van is an H45 Cabster.