There are 4 distinct power levels in the car boys universe.

Ethereal Edit

Ethereal beings are too mysterious to be categorized, or operate entirely through other objects or from behind the scenes. Some are debatably not beings at all. For example:

Gods Edit

Gods are entities with their own will, and the ability to demonstrate it using game mechanics and Nick's computer. Gods have one or more powers. Notable examples include:

Demigods Edit

Demigods are entities that probably have a will, but are mostly under the control of Gods. It is unlikely that a demigod has control of more than one of the god-like powers, but they do demonstrate resistance and/or strange reactions to uses of these powers. For example, Iron Man resists Time Control (Except pausing). Notable examples include:

Objects/Denizens Edit

Objects and denizens are completely under control of the higher power levels, excluding when they God-Trash and become a physical embodiment of chaos. All powers work on these objects. Notable examples include:

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