With blinded eyes I stared at the sky, this grey, endless sky of a crazy god, who had made life and death for their amusement.

–Erich Maria Remarque, Three Comrades

The Parallelogod is an entity seen only in Episode 4 and sparingly. She (Everything in episode 4 is female[1]) bears a resemblance to Crushers according to Nick, and so is likely the creator and ruler of them.

The Crusheract in Episode 3 which appears to have opened a portal to the Otherworld was caused by Griffin & Nick and, while this was a terrible mistake, the Parallelogod forgave them. She later attempted to help contain Busto 2.0 in Episode 16, and was likely weakened greatly or went into hiding as she is never, ever seen again.

The Parallelogod has also attempted to help Griffin & Nick contain The Blob using a 5-Plate Crusher. While the attempt failed, this did cause The Blob to explode and reform, scaring Nick[2] and demonstrating a high power level.

It is unknown what level of power the Parallelogod has, as she always operated behind the scenes.

It is likely the Parallelogod is a native of the Sun Chips Place.