Gridmap is the Alpha and the Omega; The beginning and the end. All roads lead to Gridmap, as it's reign is immense and all powerful. It is connected to every fragment of There are several incarnations of Gridmap, each with it's own purpose and lifespan.

Plot Relevance[]

Gridmap holds connections to nearly every episode of Car Boys, as it links all maps via the Interdimensional Sea.


Gridmap is the original dwelling place of the Car Boys, Nick and Griffin, as well as Busto and Busto 2.0. While it was the original location for the various escapades for the Car Boys, it was abandoned in order to finally contain the threat of Busto 2.0, trapping him using Mjolnir and Iron Man. Currently unusable due to the heavy chaos energies of Busto 2.0

Gridmap, Small, Plain[]

Gridmap, Small, Plain, or GSP, can be equated to the Holodeck. It is the heart of all incarnations of Gridmap, and can be used to simulate all areas of reality. Nick and Griffin have used it to test gravity, car AI, and search The Blob for weaknesses. GSP is currently usable.

Better Gridmap[]

The final home of the Car Boys before their battles with the blob and adventures in Altitude. Home to the Tower of Barbs, and the resting place of the dark Plane Jesus


  • Gridmap is the home and source of all good and evil in the Car Boys universe.