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Griffin & Nick


Busto 2.0 in a particularly violent God-Trash state.

God-Trash is a state of being brought about by excessive force being used on a soft-body object, excluding certain tough Entities such as Iron Man or the Sun Chips.

God-Trash resembles a 3D scribble or doodle. Sides and points of shapes and objects distort through each other. There are three types of God-Trash:

Stable Edit

Stable God-Trash is quite often seen. It is a non-paused object which can remain in it's God-Trash state when exposed to gentle forces. The following objects are capable of becoming stable God-Trash

Small Edit

"Small" God-Trash is non-infinite, unstable God-Trash, usually as a middle stage between stable and large.

  • For a second in Episode 8 the two Busto 2.0's turn to small God-Trash, before becoming infinite / large.
  • Busto has been small God-Trash as a transition into large in Episode 5, and more clearly in Episode 10.

Large / Nova Edit

"Large" God-Trash extends to infinity.

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