I feel like Car Boys is the way it is because.... we wouldn't do a good job driving the cars, under normal circumstances.

–Griffin McElroy, Episode 9, In reference to Nick's drifting prowess.


This week, Griffin and Nick decide to take a break from the horrors found in Gridmap and go for a relaxing vacation on Rainbow Road.


Griffin & Nick decide to play around in Rainbow Road. After once again discovering how bad the RC Car is, Griffin suggests a "rad whip". The boys play with said whip.

Griffin gets bored and the boys head over to Insane Testing, discovering in a tooltip that they have Gravity Control. They play with fast cars and loops for a while, and discover they have a more advanced form of Time Control.

The boys reach what Nick describes as "The dark hills" which is likely also the Sun Chips Place. The Truck they are using at the time disintegrates upon reentry, possibly showing how nothing can come back from the Sun Chips Place.


  • Rainbow Road has been installed since the first few episodes.[1]
  • The RC Car is found to explode when the parking brake is used[2], and found to constantly resist Time Control.[3]
  • This is the first and only time Griffin & Nick change the time of day in-game.
  • It's theorized that the dark hills could've been a cameo of The Blob, reaching a Nova God-Trash State