Is this what Interstellar is about?

–Nick Robinson, Episode 8, After creating a God-Trash Nova


Busto's pissed.


This episode has a seizure warning.

Griffin & Nick watch the two Busto 2.0's that they created ...interact for a short while. After attempting to separate the two, they expand to form the first God-Trash Nova.

After the game is unpaused, Busto 2.0 turns the lower half of the Yellow Plane invisible, possibly as a gift or as a threat. The two deities are finished fighting or lovemaking, and one lies at the foot of the other.

Then, the boys figure out which parts of the Yellow Plane are needed and which aren't, using Vehicle Customization. Upon discovering most of them are needed, they attempt to fire a wheelless, wingless version of the Yellow Plane out of a Large Cannon.

The boys then attempt to "drop a few Busto's [2.0] in the cannon"[1] and fire it. Busto 2.0 erects two mountains in response. Nick backs into the Otherworld without knowing what it is.

Significant Events.[]


  • At one point, the Yellow Plane turns into a VTOL[2]
  • Busto 2.0 apparently pokes into Nick's other steam games.[3]