Follow that men!

–Griffin McElroy. Episode 7, On Busto 2.0 merging with itself.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

This time on Car Boys, Nick and Griffin do everything in their power to contain Busto's strength — but they might just end up making him even more powerful.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Griffin & Nick mess further with powers beyond their understanding. They attempt first to pin Busto 2.0 under the White Truck and then to crush him using a 5-plate Crusher. He is too small.

Busto 2.0 then slows down Nick's game to around three frames per second, even under the influence of the Pause Button. This resolves upon unpausing.

After, the boys try to pin Busto 2.0 to the wing of the Yellow Plane. Another Busto 2.0 is spawned and engages in inappropriate activities with itself.

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