This is just really, the meat and potatoes of BeamNG.Drive.

–Nick Robinson, Episode 2

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy hop back into to play with a fun new ingredient: cannons of all shapes and sizes.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Griffin & Nick play with the Small Cannon and the Large Cannon.

The episode starts off with a brand new entity - the White Van - getting smashed by a Small Cannon, which was only mentioned before this episode. The Polygon logo flares before the episode truly begins.

Griffin demands a Large Cannon and Nick delivers, the entity clipping through the Red Car. The two go on to launch it with the Large Cannon, causing it to evolve into a Volkswagen Beetle. Much of the episode is spent to appease Griffin's desire for two Large Cannons to fire cars who hit one another in the air, which is a failure.

Nick and Griffin summon a customized Fire Chief, however it does not appear customized. This is the first appearance of the Fire Chief, followed swiftly by the first chronological appearance of the Other White Van tucked away inside the cannon. The next entity summoned is a Cement Mixer. Then, a wall of Cinderblocks. They fire the cannons but end up with a misfire, neglecting to tilt the cannons upwards enough for it to work.

The CAR BOYS spend some time blasting the White Van and The Other White Van with the Small Cannon and learning the physical differences between her and The Other White Van. After some fun with Time Control, and driving a cannonball-laiden White Van, the boys notice the Large Roller. This is overshadowed by White Van giving birth to Racing Vehicle and its subsequent transmogrification into Cinderblocks for another shot with the Large Cannon. Flatbed Upfit is summoned to become Cinderblocks as well. The Pigeon makes its first appearance, however it is also transmogrified into Cinderblocks to sate Griffin.

The CAR BOYS shoot the Large Cannon. However, this is also a misfire. Then, the episode ends.

Significant Events[edit | edit source]

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