More number? Bigger number of car?

–Nick Robinson, Episode 10, Smasheroo


Griffin and Nick head to "Grid, Small, Pure" and run into an old friend — and that friendship is tested like never before.


After irreversibly stopping Time in Insane Testing, Griffin & Nick move to Grid_Small_Pure and find out they broke the game there too. They reboot the game.

They fire the Small Cannon at the ground, or at the game itself, to obtain the cannon-ball, and then mess with the Small Cannon some more, causing it to God-Trash and Slow Time. Griffin is made uncomfortable and Nick deletes it, deleting the cannon-ball too. They re-summon the Small Cannon, and Nick discovers he can adjust the camera speed.

Nick summons a whole bunch of White Truck variants, and smashes them with Gravity Control. Nick accidentally deletes the world temporarily in a rare demonstration of the full power of a Car Boy, and then squidges Busto's bus with Gravity Control, before smashing it from a height.

Busto becomes annoyed and Exits to desktop. He then temporarily seizes Gravity Control from Nick but then relents. When smashed again, Busto yields a gift of a revolutionary triangular phone / tablet, with a hint of apps.

The Boys do not give up, and Busto turns to God-Trash and back to demonstrate his power. Again, the Boys continue, so he again Exits to desktop, ending the video.

Significant Events[]

  • Griffin & Nick move to Grid_Small_Pure
  • Nick temporarily deletes the map, and learns to slow his camera down.
  • Busto turns to God-Trash and back again.
  • Busto shows he is capable of Exiting to desktop at will.