Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy dip their toes into, a hyperrealistic car destruction simulator, and get a lot more than they bargained for.


In the first episode, not much happens except for cars crashing and Nick introducing Griffin to the game.[1]

The pilot episode of CAR BOYS showing a red car in Gridmap, allegedly being both real and purchased by Griffin with lawn-mower money. Its later explained that this is not from mowing lawns, but from stealing lawnmowers.

Nick explains what is to Griffin, however somewhat erroneously. He claims that BeamNG is "Saving up real money over the course of years and years and years, and using it to buy cars that you can just kinda look at?" while a grey semi slams into it in slow motion, setting up the ongoing theme of CAR BOYS having real-life consequences.

The next few minutes consist of driving the red car and doing sick stunts, though at 3:20, 6:20, and 8:50 there are instances of possible Vore. There is a mention of Small Cannon and Large Cannon, though they are not summoned. The red car gets slightly God-Trashed inside the Large Spinner, but without a word to describe it is deemed 'a weird, broken bird'. After more rounds of the Large Spinner part of the Red Car's tire flies away from the frame, drawing a long black vertices between it and the vehicle, inadvertently giving the viewer the first glimpse of the Otherworld.

Significant events[]

This episode brings the introduction of the White Truck, Gridmap, Griffin & Nick, Time Control, the Large Spinner, a limited amount of God-Trash, the Small Cannon, the Large Cannon, and a glimpse of the Otherworld.

Otherwise, this episode merely introduces the game.


  • Nick and Griffin Play - CAR BOYS episode 1 is the second-shortest episode in the series (not including IRL bits)