We need to contain him. He's too powerful.

–- Nick Robinson

Busto 2.0 was initially introduced as a replacement for Busto in response to a cease and desist order from the BBC for Busto's likeness to well-known motoring icon "Wheels Boy". Originally a chaotic-neutral, Busto 2.0 became exponentially more evil after being "trucked-in" in Episode 6. Busto 2.0's destructive powers vary, being able to God-Trash both himself and the world around him at will. Busto 2.0 has also been recorded traversing the flesh-world, stalking Nick and Griffin. Busto 2.0 is speculated to have a small amount of The Blob's dark energy. Gridmap is currently quarantined for the containment of Busto 2.0 under the guard of Iron Man.


Telepathic Disruption[]

First witnessed in Episode 6 when He sends the truck careening across the sky in a beautiful fireball.

In Episode 7, Busto 2.0 disrupts the truck by first smashing it and then reconstituting it without tires.

In Episode 8, Him and His clones get revenge on the large cannon through partial quantum disassembly. He also presents the Boys with a wingless Stunt Plane that performs like a normal aircraft to demonstrate His abilities in the same episode.

Dark Abstraction[]

In Episode 8, Busto 2.0 erects two abstract mountain peaks in his visage.

In Episode 11, through the help of a mirror dimension, fuses Himself with Busto's Bus in an attempt of self-preservation after being thrown from the stairs.


In Episode 10.5, Busto 2.0 is recorded stalking Nick Robinson. He is also reported to have physically disrupted multiple computers in His effort to prevent containment.


Busto 2.0's name is technically "Crash Test Dummy" (non-canonical)